Match 460: Kenny Star Vs. Tyson the Hammer


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Besides being beautiful, Tyson the Hammer is a powerful and spirited fighter, and it takes only a minute or two before handsome Kenny looks like he’s just fallen into an adder’s nest or some razor-wire. – Ringside at Skull Island

This is the 2nd time these two are meeting up. The first time it was a boxing/wrestling match. This time its wrestling with a lot of bare fisted gut punching. And boy the punches were flying. It was a rough fight for both of them and anyone could possibly win this one. Nice to see both guys were in prime shape, abs that went on forever. Also, it should be noted that shy guy Kenny has no problem grabbing and torturing a guys balls. But at least once he goes to grab Tyson’s balls but gets a hold of Tyson’s huge dick and hangs on for a long while. I wonder if he knew. It’s a fun match and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  – Michael “BodySlam”