Newest Matches!

Match 569 Angel Vs. Derrick – for the Gold!!

“The match is give and take, with each battler finding his opponent to be stronger, faster, smarter, and dirtier than he had initially thought. “ – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 569) 


Match 568 Billy Gunn Vs. Axel – Stink Face – Lost video

Our Price: $9.99 (Product code 568) 


Match 567 Joker Vs. Axel – First Ring Match

“My favorite part is Joker’s corner work on Axel…” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 567)


Match 566 Coleman Free Vs. Erik the Viking

“It’s a savage, perhaps even cynical opener to a match whose intensity mounts rapidly. “ – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 566)


Match 565 Jayden Mayne Vs. Axel – Sleeper

“Fighting for top is the component of man-on-man sex that you never hear about on Will & Grace” – RingSide

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 565)


Match 564 Quinn Angel & Nero – Sex Toy Match

“Five sex toys (eight, counting Quinn, Angel, and Nero) are weaponized and otherwise misemployed” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 564)


Match 563 Kenny Star Vs. Axel – Sleeper 16 – Lost Video

” Kenny’s caressing of Axel’s unconscious body was, unbelievably, shock and revulsion – yet as the first act progresses, it casts a spell, sweetly portraying an intimacy that would otherwise be impossible…” – Ringside

Our Price: $9.99 (Product code 563)


Match 562 Max Ryder vs Eli Black

“…and fists start doing most of the talking. “ – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 562)


Match 561 Axel Vs. Nero – Halloween 2017

“All of this is loads of fun and sexy as a nine-foot stack of naked UPS guys.” – Ringside 

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 561)


Match 560 Coleman Vs Austin – Chloroform match

“…slowly fading while nakedly thrashing against an assailant’s equally bare flesh sounds like fun..” – RingSide

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 560) 


Match 559 Kid Canibus Vs. Angel Estrada

“…is not about muscles or fancy gear. It’s about hardscrabble fighting.” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product code 559)


Match 558 Jayden Mayne Vs. Chase Michaels 

“He rides Jayden hard” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 558)