Newest Matches!

Match 534: Colemen Free Vs. Chase Michaels

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 534)


Match 533: Joker Vs: Angel Estrada the rematch Part 4

“…but I think Joker and Angel were the guys who made ball torture (actual ball torture) a part of the UCW house style.” – Ringside

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 533)


Match 532: Steven Vs. Axel

“And having watched the match through twice now, I can’t say friendly applies to the fight’s final three-quarters.” – Ringside at Skull Island

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 532) 


Match 531: Max Ryder Vs. Nick Diesel – Pool Match                              Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $9.99 (Product Code 531)


Match 530: Eli Black Vs. Austin Tyler “the Rematch”

UCW’s latest video is something to be celebrated. It rips past the benchmarks for rage, roughness, pain, and muscle-mangling body contact Austin and Eli set in the original, which I called (with uncommon foresight) “the opening salvo of all-out war.”

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 530)


Match 529: Tyson the Hammer Vs. Chase Michaels – in jocks

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 529)


Match 528: Austin Tyler  Vs. Derrick Cole

“…sure to be a nut-bristling brawl, and these battlers do not let me down.” – Ringside at Skull Island

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 528)


Match 527: Skip Vance Vs. Axel – Oil match

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 527)


Match 526: Malik Vs. Tyson the Hammer – jocks best of 3                    Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $9.99 (Product Code 526)


Match 525: Coleman Free Vs. Eli Black

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 525)


Match 524: Chase Michaels Vs. Quinn Harper

Ringside at Skull Island –

“On a scale of 1 to 10, Chase-versus-Quinn is a 20”

Our Price: $15.99 (Product Code 524)