Custom Matches

Custom Matches
Produce a one-of-a-kind match just for you!

UCW has been producing custom matches, as a special offer to you, our valued fans.  For a reasonable fee, we can turn your fantasy match into reality.

  • Request the wrestler(s) based on their availability. They can perform in character, out of character, or a totally different persona role.
  • We can attempt to find guys that are not on our regular roster (larger, older, specific body type) for your custom match.
  • Style and color of gear to be worn – Axel in pink trunks? Angel Estrada and Quinn Harper as super heroes?  (see above picture)
  • Your scenario or storyline – We can be ourselves or other role play characters – older vs younger, coach vs athlete, friends fighting, heel vs jobber. Rip and strip match, sweat pants and t-shirt match.
  • Your favorite holds/moves – dirty tactics, 5-minute camel clutches, head scissors, multiple submissions, extra trunk pulling, wedgies, all sleepers, bear hugs, gut punching, special finishers, post-match action!
  • Customs are approximately 30 minutes in length.
  • Pricing begins at $700.00 for general matches. All concepts and ideas will be considered and we will negotiate final pricing after discussing your requests, talent, and rules that will produce your unique video.
  • UCW retains all rights to all custom videos we produce. After 6 months, UCW reserves the right to re-edit and post appropriate custom videos as part of its’ Lost Video Collection on the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Email us your custom request

(All Sales are Final)

Fan Sponsored Matches
Contact us for information on sponsoring a regular UCW match. We will consider your concepts and ideas for the match including wrestlers, and gear to be worn.  The cost is a  payment for one of the wrestlers, to help produce the match.  You will receive a free copy of the match when it is picked to be used on the website.
Another way to help sponsor a match is by supplying all the gear for a match. You get to help decide the wrestlers used. Michael must approve the gear and the wrestlers used. You will receive a free copy of the match when it is picked to be used on the website.
No Nudity for these matches unless it is a strip match.
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