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Match 844: Anton Alvarez Vs. Champion Axel – Strip Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 844) Running time 25 minutes


This match was shot early in Anton’s career, so he has had some improvement since then. Also, Axel refers to being a 3x Champion when we all know he is now 4x Champion. Okay, that being said, the match, this match has so many high points, low blows, gut workovers, flips and chops to just name a few. It’s a strip match so there is dick at the end, and not a flash but a real good look. And it looks good! – Michael “BodySlam”

Though Axel and Anton have contrasting physiques, they are well matched on the mat. In the best moments of this match, it looks like they’ll have to be pried loose from each other.” – Ringside at Skull Island

Match 843: Zack Reno Vs. Nero Angelo – Stakes Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 843) Running time 26 minutes.


Nero ask for a stake’s match and tells Zack that he will be taking Zack’s ass if he wins! Zack says if he wins, well at that time he will let Nero what he wants. Nero’s curiosity gets the best of him, and he agrees to these mysterious terms. And so, the match is on! The winner will get what he wants, and we get a fun match to watch. Nero is strong and brings a good beat-down to Zack, and it hurts. I almost feel sorry for Zack, taking such a beating, almost feel sorry for him. Now Zack has tricks and will do his best not to make it so easy for the strong tough Nero! I guarantee this will be fun for all of us to watch! Also, the gear is so revealing and tight in all the right places, Zack never looked so sexy! Who won? Regardless of who wins, I am sure the stakes will be fun! Download and see for yourself. – Michael “BodySlam”

“This is the kind of match only UCW provides – kinky, silly, debased, self-reflexive, ball-busting, and weirdly fascinating. And, of course, Reno and Nero were quick to sign on.” – Ringside at Skull Island

Match 842: Lobo Gris Vs. Tyson the Hammer – First to cum


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 842) Running time 30 minutes


“Both men are hot and hot for each other. Both look comfortable in each other’s grip. The action is slow, and although Tyson’s on top for most of the 26 minutes, Lobo does more than purr and gyrate.”Ringside at Skull Island

Wow, Tyson is at it again, trying to make guys cum in a match. This time it is with Sexy Latin Lover, Lobo Gris. They both do their best to turn on each other on and win! To win you must make your opponent cum in his gear. Anything goes, in this different twist of a match. You don’t hurt your opponent in this type of match, you control him so you can get him off. So, like I said anything goes. Tyson goes deep with his jacking of Lobo’s bits. Lobo using his feet to get Tyson’s bits to rise to the occasion. Mine did just watching that! Both guys worked on nipples and balls but not for pain, for the goal of winning. Now if your hoping to see genitals it won’t be happening, but however, Lobo’s little Lobo does show a little head here and there as Tyson jacks away. You will love Tyson being Tyson and Lobo, he is just too cute and sexy.  – Michael “BodySlam”

Match 841: Jessie Lee Vs. Champion Axel


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 841) Running time 29 minutes


This is a UCW classic type match, good back and forth action. Jessie is a porn star/underground wrestler. He has some good skills, but the Champ Axel has a huge fighting background. But Jessie wants his shot at the belt, and he has earned it. So that is the set-up to the match. There are some very good holds happening, Jessie opens with a killer arm-bar that Axel really had to fight hard to get out of it, took every trick he had to do. Axel tries to keep it clean but Jessie doesn’t hold back, Nipple twisting, groin attacks, and face sitting to name a few. Both guy’s want this, very badly and is a close match. If you like a match that is focus on hard hitting wrestling, this is your match. Be warned there is kiss or two near the end. So, is there a new Champion, did your man win? Is Axel a 5X Champion? Find out the answers to all these questions this Thursday night or Wednesday if you get our emails. – Michael “BodySlam”

“I don’t know how Jessie became a contender for the UCW belt, taking on the almost indestructible Champion Axel, but he throws everything he’s got into this match. Axel is bigger and more experienced, but Jessie brings a lot of energy and gives the champ a real run for his money.”Ringside of Skull Island

Match 840: Mikey Cannon Vs. Nero Angelo – I Quit Oil Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 840) Running time 30 minutes


OILY and hot and this one comes very close to sex as only UCW can without crossing that line, or did they?  So much rubbing, feeling and kissing. They even manage to do some oily wrestling. some good moves to hurt the other and make him say “I Quit!”  But on the way to that point the really get into exploring each other’s bodies. Nero try’s finger in holes and he ends up bringing pleasure, Mikey punches Nero’s abs and Nero likes it. At points we are not ever sure how Mikey’s speedo is even covering anything, must be suck on something hard in the front. We need to do more “I Quit” matches as this one was so great to watch but be warned, you need to keep the tissues close by. Special highlights are as follows… the whole match my friend.  – Michael “BodySlam”

“The wrestlers take an occasional break from liplocks to grab and squeeze cock. It’s still not exactly a fight. It’s mostly restraints and body locks, and the guys miss no opportunity to get their lips on something or other” Ringside

Match 839: Cheetah Boy Vs. Cheetah Boy 2.0 (Zack Reno Vs. Cheetah Boy)


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 839) Running time 25 minutes


Yes! We have another Zack Reno Match to show you, you’re welcome. This time we find our hero annoying Cheetah Boy by dressing up in the old Cheetah Boy mask and an animal print speedo. It worked, Cheetah was so mad, and it made for a very real-mean Cheetah Boy. With that said the match was very rough and fun for us to watch. Cool things to look for, both guys busting each-other’s balls. Cheetah bares Zack’s ass and goes crazy with the butt slapping. Cheetah gives Zack a front wedgie that shows off some ball action.  Well don’t want to tell you too much but I will say there is some unmasking that happens. Go download and check it out! – Michael “BodySlam”

Cheetah Boy is territorial if he’s anything, and the fight – silly, messy, and sexy – offers some surprising turns while working up to the climax. Zack mimics CB’s craziness, chalking up a performance that’s like nothing he’s ever done before.” – Ringside at Skull Island

Match 838: Zack Reno Vs. Anton Alvarez – Revenge Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 838) Running time 27 minutes


Zack wanted a chance to pay Anton back for the fake Ref gimmick and messing up Zack for becoming the next UCW champion. And believe it or not, Anton brought along some chloroform to the match thinking he could knock out Zack again like he did in the Zack vs. Axel match. (Here is a clip) This match has some great views of Zack’s body thanks to Anton. And when Anton pulls on Zack’s trunks, we see more then Zack would want. Zack has his fun pounding on Anton’s body, and I don’t know about you, but I like that. So, does the chloroform work for Anton? Does Anton knock out Zack yet again? Or does Zack get his revenge and beat Anton into next week?  – Michael “BodySlam”

“They’re here to brutalize and win enough respect to be considered contenders. For each other, however, there is no respect, just a drive to dominate and emasculate the other guy.” – Ringside at Skull Island

Match 837: Tag Team Championship Match


w/Derrick Cole & Tyson the Hammer Vs. Cheetah Boy & Champion Axel

Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 837) Running time 35 minutes


“Match 837 is hot, frenzied roughhouse and one more opportunity to settle old scores.”Ringside at Skull Island

Back in match 833 Derrick and Tyson who were boxing each other turned their attention to Zack. They decided that they make a great tag team, So Michael decided to give them a chance to become the first UCW Tag Team Champions. But not all that easy, you see the opponents are none other the Champion Axel and tough guy Cheetah Boy. The match includes double teaming, gut punching, ball busting, scissor holds, quick tags in and out. Derrick wanted his hands on Axel to try and take that All Star Championship belt off of him. But for some reason these two never seem to be in the ring at the same time. Usually, the UCW tag matches are a little out of control. But in this one, they all seem to take it at a slower pace, more of a controlled back and forth beating. This one could go to anyone, just takes one person to make a mistake to lose this one. Download and see who the first Tag Team Champions will be. – Michael “BodySlam”   

Match 836: Mikey Cannon Vs. Tyson the Hammer – Strip Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 836) Running time 26 minutes


New Comer Mikey, has some wrestling skills but in a match like this you need to give a beating and be quick at stripping the other guy. But the other guy is trying to strip you. Mikey comes out of the gate hard hoping for a quick win. Tyson is Tyson and uses all his erotic tricks on poor Mikey, but Mikey gives as well as he receives. But Mikey does turn into a jobber for the first half of the match and Tyson forgets why he is there (to win), so he just keeps beating on Mikey. But Mikey does get his act together and goes after Tyson, even kicking him though the ropes and out of the ring to the hard concrete floor below. It’s very hard to say who will win this battle, and there are some very close calls along the way. So, many opportunities to view dicks! Download and watch all the fun today! – Michael “BodySlam”

This is my favorite Hammer match ever. Tyson doesn’t toy with his ambitious opponent. His aim is to destroy, no doubt because the new kid may stand in his way for another shot at the UCW title, which Tyson must surely have his eyes on.  – Ringside at Skull Island

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Match 835: Axel Vs. Cole Dallas – Sleeper Match


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 835) Running time 31 minutes


“Both these guys have farm-boy good looks, which brings to mind back-of-the-toolshed fantasies. Cole carries more weight and muscle, but Axel has taken on almost everybody in underground wrestling here and at other promotions.”Ringside at Skull Island

Young cute Cole steps into the ring with the very smart Axel, both are pro trained, and Axel has studied so much more, Judo, BJJ, Boxing and Pro. So even with all the hard muscle Cole is packing, Axel is the one with all the combat experience here. Both are wearing sexy speedos, but Axel really fills them out well. Now this is a Lost video so as a custom the customer wanted to see the guy’s fight-it-out until one of them sleepers out the other for the win! Simple, except neither one is going quietly. Cole gets very dirty here early trying for the win, Axel can bring that but tries to use skill over the kid. But those muscles keep coming into play.  This match is sexy with good views of Coles’ butt, dirty, thanks Cole and a good back and forth fight till we have a winner! – Michael “BodySlam”

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