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Match 868: Harvey Dale Vs. Lobo Gris – Strip Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 868) Running time 27 minutes


This is the first strip match for both wrestlers, they both want to win, to show off their opponent’s dick. The action is both hot and fast.  Harvey is working out doing push-ups. Lobo runs in and attacks Harvey. Lobo does a great job of putting the hurt on Harvey. Harvey is a quick study and brings the hurt back to Lobo.  The match is too close to call. I was on the edge of my seat all the way to the end. At the end there is plenty of dick action as the loser turns out to not be shy about it. Just mad about losing. – Michael BodySlam

“Since this is a strip match, it’s only natural to expect some money shots as the battle nears its conclusion. We get a good clear shot of cock and ass at the end, so the contestants have to dig through three layers – shirts, shorts, and briefs – to be declared winner.”Ringside at Skull Island

Match 867: Mason Vs. Zack Reno


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 867) Running time 31 minutes


Mason walks in and finds Zack outside of the ring staring at the ring. Mason joins him and they have a chat about wrestling. Then they move to the ring and Zack tries to show Mason a few things. Soon it breaks out in a big fight. We find Mason still acting like the crazy wrestler with so much energy that Zack seems overwhelmed at times.  Zack won’t give up without a fight, and a fight it is. Thanks to Mason we get to see Zack suffering and we see a lot of pubic hair. Mason may be on the larger size, but his wrestling sure doesn’t disappoints. Zack has been working on his arms, and they are really sweet looking. Mason won his last match against Jason. How will Mason do in this match? Be a big upset into his favor if he wins, but Zack is no push over and will do all he can to put Mason into his place.  – Michael “BodySlam”   

“The faceoff between Reno and Mason gives me chills. When these guys twist balls or punch guts or poke an opponent’s eyes, I feel like I’m watching real god-damn-you-to-hell hostility … realistic and sexy – at least, sick fucks like me find it sexy.”Ringside at Skull Island

Match 866: Kal Conner Vs. Anton Alvarez – Oil Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 866) Running time 27 minutes


In match 814 was the first time these two met up it was a regular match and Anton won. Then they met up again in a strip match 853 and Kal was able to strip Anton for the win and kept Anton’s speedos for a souvenir.  So, one win each, this match, 866, is the tie breaker.  Every time we see these guys, they just seem to get stronger and better-looking bodies. Now we cover them in oil and the fight just went up top level sexy!  But it is a fight, and a damn good fight it is. They are clearly some good back and forth in this match. The oil keeps everything on an equal playing field. They both want to win, and they both are willing to do anything to win, anything. There will be a clear winner, one match each, who will win! – Michael BodySlam

“If this is Kal’s first oil match, he takes to it like a duck to water. All wet and glistening, he is gorgeous, even more gorgeous than usual. He’s also aggressive as fuck – and that’s a turn-on on its own. I get the sense that he harbors a bit of a death wish, because Anton, laidback and likable as he is, has a temper, and he’s been known to deliver stiff punishments for those who push his buttons.” Ringside at Skull Island

Match 865: Lobo Gris Vs. Tyson the Hammer – Destroying Abs


Sponsored Match by Henry

Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 865) Running time 27 minutes


Lobo decides he is in the mood to test Tyson’s abs, but can Tyson’s abs handle such a beating that Lobo gives him? Tyson works out daily and works out his body and his abs hard. Lobo admires Tyson’s abs at the beginning of the match. And right there Lobo decides to put those abs to the test! Tyson’s abs take a real beat-down with lots of punching, stomach claws, over the knee gut bombs, rope abuse, and so much more. Can Tyson take it or will he have to tap out or pass out. Or will Tyson turn the whole thing around and score a win! Break Lobo and submit him! Can Tyson, do it? Or will Lobo destroy Tyson’s abs.  Download and check out all the gut abuse!  Thank you, Henry, by helping to sponsoring this match.  – Michael “BodySlam”

“Tyson shows off his washboard abs, and Lobo is suitably impressed. Lobo’s abs are less pronounced, yet Tyson praises them as a work in progress. The tone is friendly, at first. Then, Lobo launches a string of attacks, all of them aimed at Tyson’s abs. Caught off guard by Lobo’s forcefulness, Tyson is slow to defend himself.”Ringside at Skull Island

Match 864: Mason Vs. Jason Anders – Hump Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 864) Running time 26 minutes


Mason isn’t very experienced at wrestling, but we saw him go crazy on Axel. So, we have high hopes for him in this match. Jason Anders has been wrestling all over the place including the UK, plus lots of wrestling experience. As we all know Jason fights very dirty, he is not opposed to sticking things up his opponent’s butts. This fight is full of a lot of all this, dirty moves left and right as Mason gives as good as he gets. Mason is young, he has so much energy, Jason will have his hands full. Can Jason beat this young kid or will Mason, score the win?

“UCW initiated horny-as-fuck fights years ago, and this match, pitting husky new guy Mason against trashy veteran Jason Anders, raises the genre to new heights. It proves wrestling doesn’t need big muscles and movie-star profiles to stiffen somebody’s cock. And, mind you, nobody loves hard pecs and hard dicks more than I do.” – Ringside at Skull Island

Match 863: Aron Vs. Nero Angelo – Muscle Worship


from the Lost Video Collection

Our Price: $10.99 (Product Code 863) Running time 31 minutes


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Because of an external hard drive dying, UCW lost all of the older customs that were waiting to be turned into Lost Videos. A client sent Michael a copy of his custom video to turn into a Lost Video, big thanks to that client. It starts off with Aron is telling us a story about a woman he fucked on a table at the bar. But just as he gets to the good part, Nero hits him with a sleeper and starts stripping him. Nero has very strong legs, and uses them to torture Aron with a number of body scissors. Aron also is forced to body worship Nero, and Aron also has to deal with gut punches, choking, a few sleepers and a very curious hand down inside Aron’s trunks, he was very uncomfortable with this. Aron does his best to fight back and maybe he turns it around on Nero. Someone ends up getting worked over while tied up on the wall. – Michael “BodySlam”

Match 862: Harvey Dale Vs. Derrick Cole


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 862) Running time 25 minutes


Harvey Dale finds himself going up against Derrick Cole. Does Harvey have a chance to win, sure he does. Does Harvey have opportunity to humiliate Derrick, he sure could. And lastly can Harvey embarrass Derrick and the answer to that is, he does. The fight is a little one sided, but Harvey gets in some licks of his own. You will definitely know this dog was in the fight! He may take a beating, but he manages to throw Derrick off his game a time or two by going after Derricks balls and his ass. And what a sexy ass Derrick has, thank you Harvey for that one. I had fun watching as I am sure you will as well. Download and see what I mean. – Michael “BodySlam”

“The match is not entirely one-sided despite what you see in the GIFs. I just love to watch Derrick Cole work an opponent. The guy has mastered the art of crucifying rookies. His long slow holds, topped off with bullet-like strikes, are both effective and hot. His nastiness intrigues me.”Ringside at Skull Island

Match 861: Zack Reno Vs. Axel Vs. Tyson the Hammer – Last Man Standing


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 861) Running time 29 minutes


Cheetah Boy tricked the top UCW wrestlers into showing up at the UCW ring, with them thinking he will wrestle them. Only he wasn’t there. The winner of this match will be facing Cheetah Boy for a shot at the UCW Championship belt. So, the boys go at it, and at it hard! Zack has new see through gear that barley covers his dick, what a cute tight ass he has. Lots of double teaming and alliances that keep switching. Lots of good holds, punches, slams, use of the ropes, the corners, and yes, the use of chloroform. Cheetah insisted to lose the match you must be chloroformed out. But with a chance to go after Champion Cheetah Boy, no one is going down easy. Or letting someone else win instead of themselves. Who will take out the other two and face the UCW Champion Cheetah Boy. – Michael “BodySlam”

“Zach wears see-through tights that draw attention to his ass. Alliances last for mere seconds; then, the allies turn on each other. Hair gets yanked, and balls get smushed. The wrestlers engage in a tug of war over the chloroform rag. Unsurprisingly, nobody gives a shit for fair play.” – Ringside

Match 860: Kal Conner Vs. UCW Champion Cheetah Boy


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 860) Running time 20 minutes


The match open ups with Cheetah Boy is rubbing his butt and balls all over the championship belt, so disrespectful. Kal is looking good, lean muscle and handsome as ever! They lock up fast and the action is intense. Cheetah Boy comes on strong and hits Kal hard with low blows to keep him weak. Kal does manage to turn things around and gives it back to Cheetah just as hard as he is getting. And yes, Cheetah Boy is up to his old tricks, so we see Kal’s butt and more. My favorite move of this match, Kal humping on Cheetah’s sweet ass! The action/fight keeps growing, back and forth, till we finally get a crazy sleeper and a win! If you were tired of Cheetah as Champion, as Axel is. Download and find out if there is a new worthy, UCW Champion.  – Michael “BodySlam”

“Swinging between hardcore assaults and schoolboy pranks, Conner and Cheetah move the battle along at a whirlwind pace. Conner crashes through his typical low-key disposition to inflict serious and humiliating damage on Cheetah Boy’s volatile body.” Ringside at Skull Island

Match 859: Lobo Gris Vs. Jason Anders – Sleeper Match


Our Price: $17.99 (Product Code 859) Running time 30 minutes


Lobo comes in ready to do battle, Lobo thinks his first match was with Jason, it wasn’t, it was his 7th match at UCW (Match 754), and Lobo lost. Jason wants to have a match where it’s Native American vs. Mexican or North America vs. Central America. Lobo says lets Wrestle, sleeper match, 3 sleepers needed to win. The match gets started with Jason of course hitting Lobo with a cheap shot. That is his m.o., the way he likes to get that’s started. The match is not one sided, both guys fight hard, and it goes back and forth most of the match. Lobo starts off fighting clean but soon enough he starts copying Jason’s dirty, unclean, wrestling style. It will take 3 sleepers to win this match. The last time Lobo and Jason had a match Lobo did lose to a Jason, sleeper. Will Lobo let that happen again, he has more wrestling experience now, and is stronger and much wiser to the ways of the North American wrestlers these days. So, will he lose? – Michael “BodySlam” 

“Jason gets off on hurting dewy-eyed Lobo. For him, squashing an opponent, especially a dashing lionheart like Gris, is a fight to the death – or as close to one as the law allows. What Jason might have overlooked is his opponent’s readiness to go for the jugular, to push the limits of this contest, to club Anders down like a rabid rat.” Ringside at Skull Island